Environmental Engineering: Air Quality

MERCO provides a full range of air quality management services, assisting clients in complying with National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) and General Conformity requirements. Our services include program development, compliance audits, regulatory reviews and training workshops.

Air Quality Impact Assessments:
MERCO prepares comprehensive air quality studies. Our staff members possess a high level of expertise in scoping, planning, and conducting air quality studies with extensive experience in EPA-approved dispersion models, as well as other advanced models and methods.

Air Permitting:
Because of the Clean Air Act Amendments, potential emitters are facing stringent requirements in data collection, control strategies, and reporting. We assist you in preparing permit applications, coordinating with permitting agencies, and complying with regulatory requirements to obtain and maintain applicable permits. You can count on us to design and coordinate efficient work plans that avoid redundancy in your overall teamís efforts. Our scientists and engineers have experience with the technical requirements of Federal and state air quality permitting requirements.

Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring and Forecasting:
We offer planning, design, and implementation of comprehensive monitoring and forecasting programs including both long-term and short-term projects.

Indoor Air Quality:
MERCO ensures a complete, efficient, and effective assessment of potential sources of indoor air pollutants.

Environmental Engineering: Noise Mitigation

We also offer a wealth of experience in devising solutions for noise and vibration problems.

Highway, Rail and Airport Noise
  • Baseline noise level monitoring
  • Noise modeling
  • Impact assessment
  • Effective mitigation planning/effectiveness analysis
Environmental Vibration
  • Measurement
  • Impact assessment
  • Human exposure assessment
  • Mitigation recommendation