Civil Engineering: Design & Permitting

MERCO offers design and permitting services for local municipalities, state and federal agencies, and commercial developers. We work with you to develop feasibility studies and construction documents that offer context-sensitive alternatives that work for the community and surrounding environment. Our services include:

  • Preliminary/Conceptual Designs
  • Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Plans and Specifications Preparation
  • Constructability and Alternatives Review
  • Permit Preparation and Application
  • Public Agency and Citizen Coordination

MERCO offers past performance in meeting all facets of the site zoning and permitting process. We have extensive experience in taking a project from concept and zoning to design and construction. You can benefit from our success in presenting information to local planning boards and other authorizing entities to obtain permitting in a timely manner. This proven ability to walk through the approval process saves you time and hassle.