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Founded in 1988, MERCO, Inc. provides environmental and civil engineering services for Federal, state and local agencies projects throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

The firm’s strength is in delivering honest, forthright and scientifically-based analyses to its clients regarding the physical and the built environment. Once armed with the best information, you can make the best decisions throughout the life of a project – meeting deadlines and set budgets – by knowing the true implications of proposed scenarios.

MERCO is a woman-owned firm with based in Golden, Colorado. Our management team brings over 150 years of collective experience in:

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Planning
Air & Noise
Water Resources
Hazardous Materials
Pollution Prevention & Greening

Civil Engineering

Design & Permitting
Site Planning
Value Engineering

To learn how you can better evaluate the pros, cons and impacts of your upcoming engineering-related decisions while keeping your project on target, call Maby Mahboubi today at (303) 274-9686 x15.